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The Agori were a species that were created on Spherus Magna and were trapped on Bara Magna after The Shattering.


Following a catastrophe on Bara Magna, the Agori made a social system which involved hiring Glatorian for the different tribes who would fight in arenas, and the tribe that hired the Glatorian that wins the battle in the Arena gained access to whatever resources were in dispute. One tribe of Agori, the Zesk, began to devolve to a more primal state, along with the Glatorian in their tribe. Though they cannot fight on their own in arenas, the Agori are permitted to team up with a Glatorian to fight, acting primarily as a blocker to shield their partner from a Thornax. The Agori are split into various tribes, each inhabiting a village and competing for the scant resources of the planet. Each tribe has one leader, who is elected by his fellow tribe member for two hundred fifty year terms. However, the leader can be removed at anytime via an unanimous vote in the tribe. Agori who are on their own in the Wastelands are often captured by Bone Hunters and sold to the Skrall as slaves. Many of these Agori are imprisoned and are forced to work in Roxtus repairing the Skrall's weapons and armor. Atakus was one of these.

List of Known Agori

Blue Armored Agori

A blue armored Agori escaping from Atero


  • An Agori can be either male or female any can join any Tribe.
  • An Agori's armor does not have to match the color of their tribe's element.
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