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Review 1

This Review is brought to you from: Kingdonfin

Axonn was a mighty protector of Voya Nui. He and Brutaka were assigned to keep the mask of life safe and out of harms way. He fought the Piraka many times and won, he saved Gali Nuva and Dalu. Here is what I thought of the Great Giant.



Well Axonn is very well protected, he has 2 Lots of Armor on each arm and 2 lots on each leg, he would need that armor to fight of any enemy that wants the mask of life!


Axonn's Kanohi Rode (Mask of Truth) is awesome, It suites him a lot! He can also shield his mind from anyone who wants to find the mask of life, Very Useful.


  • Huge axe
  • New Mask
  • Big Hands
  • Big Feet
  • New Design
  • Good Color


  • Hard to position
  • Arms fall down


Well Axonn is an Awesome Bionicle, a 9/10 Rating. He is cool. Defiantly worth the money!

Review 2

By -Matoro1 I HAVE NO PULSE!!! Wait... thats my foot!!!


  • New Mask
  • Cool Axe
  • Muscular!
  • Good color scheme
  • Big hands!


  • Arms too heavy, arm keeps falling down when he lifts up his Axe arm. (same with legs)
  • Not much armour on torso
  • Small
  • Looks very... round, a small, round guy with an axe that is as big as him!


I would give Axxon a... 9.25/10, he is VERY VERY VERY GOOD! I would definately recomend him to a friend!

Review 3

By Ihu.


A long time ago, in a catalogue far, far away, Axonn was listed as "the ultimate good guy". Is he?

First things first, he's short. Very short. Almost too short. Compare him to Brutaka, his evil counterpart, and you'll see a significant height gap. Not the best thing for a titan, especially as BIONICLEs are constantly getting bigger and bigger.

But he has cool Nuva armour. And a cool mask. And a cool axe. All of those things = good!



  • Cool new mask
  • Awesome axe


  • Short
  • BIG
  • FEET


A good set, fits in perfectly with the style of 2006, but he's too short and has clown feet. Unfortunately, the cons outweigh the pros, but I still like him. I'd give him a 9/10.