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Vahi 2
Bara Magna
Bara Magna
Primary ResidentsAgori, Glatorian, Great Beings
Former Residents
LocationSpherus Magna

Bara Magna was the name given to a large expance of desert that existed on Spherus Magna prior to The Shattering.



The planet known as Bara Magna was originally the desert mass of Spherus Magna. Following Energized Protodermis being discovered in the Planet's Core, the Core War errupted after the Element Lords began to argue over the liquid's ownership, causing the six Element Lords and their respective armies to engage in a planet-wide conflict.

Core War/Shattering


The Shattering seperating Spherus Magna.

However, due to the unstable nature of the substance, when the Fire Army mined it during the end of the War,

AOSR Bara Magna

Bara Magna in Comic Form.


The planet of Bara Magna is mostly covered by a desert, and does not have any oceans or areas with a large amount of water. However, it does have oases and other typical features found in a desert. It was a once beautiful place, filled with Jungles and vast oceans and beaches. After The Shattering, the splitting of the planet Spherus Magna due to Energized Protodermis, the land turned into a desert.

Bara Magna Map

An aerial view of Bara Magna

There are six known villages exist on Bara Magna:

  • Atero, the location of the Arena Magna
  • Iconox, village of the Ice Tribe
  • Roxtus, the new village of the Rock Tribe
  • Tajun, village of the Water Tribe
  • Tesara, village of the Jungle Tribe
  • Vulcanus, village of the Fire Tribe