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Welcome to the Bionicle Reviews Wiki (BRW). I hope you like the new look. Its good to have you here but before you edit remember to log in so we know it was you who made the edit. If you wish to browse this wiki you don't have to log in. All of our Information is officially sourced so you can trust us to bring you excellent Bionicle Information. The set Reviews here are only to be made if you own the sets. If you have any Questions Email one of The Admins on this Wiki.

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If you need any assistance feel free to ask any one of our Staff. They will happily answer any question. We are usually active and if your question is not answered in a few days another Admin will answer. The names are listed bellow.

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  • Matoro1: Bionicle Reviews Wiki is a great Wiki because of the community; which I find really reflects what BIONICLE is all about.
    Over the last year, our site has seen two different Site Leaders, been completely inactive for up to three weeks at a time, and hosted dozens of community-building celebrations to bring a close circle of editors together.
    Our Wiki is great because of that circle of editors who have put flesh and blood into the current 885 quality pages. We have regular Polls, use Forums, Contests, User of the Month, and our own Brickshelf Account to keep us connected. The only problem we have is activity. This is a real shame as we have so many quality pages to offer information to BIONICLE fans and is a wonderful community to grow up with.


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The Gavla was a female Av-Matoran who formerly resided in Karda Nui. While residing there she was struck by a Shadow Leech and was transformed into a Shadow Matoran. She swiftly betrayed the Av-Matoran and allied herself with several Makuta as she felt that she had been repressed by the Av-Matoran society.
She has since been cured of the effects of the Shadow Leech and is currently residing on Spherus Magna.

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