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Species Makuta
Group Brotherhood of Makuta
Kanohi Mohtrek
Colors Yellow, Black
Element Shadow
Occupation Makuta Mistika
Tools Nynrah Ghostblaster, Longswords, Wings
Location Swamp of Secrets
Status Deceased
Pronunciation Bee-tihl

Bitil was a Brotherhood of Makuta member. He was one of the eight Makuta sent to Karda Nui to invade the Universe Core and kill the Toa Nuva after they awoke Mata Nui. This was in truth just part of Teridax’s plan to destroy those Makuta so there would be none left to challenge his rule.


Bitil, like his fellow Makuta, was created when he emerged from the Makuta pool on an island in the Southern-island-chain. He spent the early years of his life creating Rahi.

Bitil was chosen to be part of the group of Makuta who would strike the Swamp of Secrets while the others attacked Karda-Nui. He was mutated upon entering the mutagen-filled swamp waters. He and his fellow Makuta, Krika and Gorast, were attacking the three Toa Mistika after they arrived in the Swamp until Chirox spiralled out of the sky and landed near them. They decided to help him while the Toa escaped.


Bitil in Karda Nui

The Toa later attacked their camp and attracted the attention of the Makuta Phantoka, who were followed by the Toa Phantoka.
Bitil fought in this battle and later guarded the Codrex while the Toa were inside.
When the Energy Storm began, Bitil attempted to escape but was slayed by a bolt of lightning.


Bitil was extremely power-hungry and ambitious, always attempting to gain more status. He was angered that he only was allowed to rule the unimportant Southern Islands, because many of his fellow Makuta were afraid of him, and only assigned to petty jobs. Bitil did not care much for the plan, only following it in able to gain more power. He also was inconsiderate of his fellow Makuta. This is shown when he leaves Antroz to die in the Energy Storms, in an effort to impress Teridax. He was a skilled warrior and very brutal, and in the Mutran Chronicles, Mutran said he would make a point by throwing a weapon at the wall.

Set information

  • Bitil had 58 pieces and his set number was 8696.
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