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Bone Hunters
TLR Bone Hunters
Species Bone Hunters
Colors Black and Grey
Homeland Bara Magna
  • Thornax Blasters
  • Swords
Species Status Active
Pronunciation bo-ne hun-ters

The Bone Hunters were a nomadic sub-species of Agori that inhabited the desert of Bara Magna.



Starting their lives as Rock Agori, the Bone Hunters were created as foot-soldiers for the Elemental Lord of Rock's Army.
The Bone Hunters did not have a largely significant part in the Core War but

Core War

The Bone Hunters participated in the Core War following the discovery of Energized Protodermis in the Planet's Core. However, the liquid had a number of destructive qualities about it. This meant that it was unstable and led to The Shattering occurring as a result. Most of the six Armies were able to take shelter during this Cataclysm and ended up being kept on Bara Magna; unlike a number of unfortunate other warriors who were trapped on Bota Magna.

Post Shattering

When The Shattering occured, the Bota Magna area where the Skrall and Rock Agori had resided was forced out of the ground by an Energized Protodermis burst that slit the planet into three segments. Much to the Rock Army's dismay, they were cut off from their homeland.
As a result, the Skrall and Agori were left open to Baterra attacks as they began to take residence in the land that surrounded their former home.


At some point around this period, several of the Rock Agori began to evolve into more reptilian forms. Such alterations gave the affected Agori a second pair of eye-lids and higher endurance. Such Rock Agori became known as Bone Hunters.
The Bone Hunters migrated south following their evolution and left the Skrall behind to raid the remaining four village's Trade Caravans.

Abilities and Personality


A Bone Hunter battling Glatorian Kiina.

Most Bone Hunters had a special inner eyelid that protected their eyes from the hot desert sun. Bone Hunters usually tended to ride on Rock Steeds, which they used as mounts.

Comic Bone hunters

A group of Bone Hunters in the Sandray Canyon


A number of Bone Hunters wielded Thornax Launchers that shot the explosive Thornax Fruit. Some, like Fero, also carried swords as well.


The Bone Hunter Fero riding his Rock Steed, Skirmix.


Their diet manly consisted of Thornax, and Thornax Stew.

Known Bone Hunters

Bone Hunters(v)

Leader: Currently Unknown

Members: Fero

Servants: Skirmix