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"One blow does not make a fight, Pohatu, think about that on your way down!"
— Chirox
Species Makuta
Group Brotherhoood of Makuta
Kanohi Shelek
Colors Black and Silver
Element Shadow
  • Rahi creator,
  • Makuta of Visorak (island)
Tools Tridax Pod and Hook Blades
Location Universe Core
Status Deceased
Pronunciation Key-Rocks

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Chirox was a Brotherhood of Makuta member and Rahi creator. He was one of the eight Makuta sent to Karda Nui to invade the Universe Core and kill the Toa Nuva after they awoke Mata Nui. This was in truth just part of Teridax’s plan to destroy those Makuta so there would be none left to challenge his rule.


Earily History

Like all of the Makuta, Chirox was created when he emerged form the Makuta Pool on an island in the Southern island chain. He became a member of the Brotherhood and created a number of Rahi that are still among the Matoran Universe to this day. At some point in his Rahi creator career, Chirox befriended Mutran.

Evolution of the Makuta

Chirox, Bitil and Mutran were sent to investigate the death of Makuta Kojol when the entire Makuta species evolved from muscle tissue into antidermis. Chirox was the one who performed tests on the substance and was the first to realize the Makuta had evolved.


Chirox was chosen to take part in the group of Makuta who woulld attack Karda-Nui while the others struck at the Swamp of Secrets. He was blinded when Matoro used the Kanohi Ignika and had to use a Shadow Matoran named Kirop to act as his "eyes". He and his fellow Makuta, Vamprah and Antroz, were attacking the last Av-Matoran village when the Toa Nuva arrived in the Core and they were forced to flee after the Toa discovered their Midak Skyblasters. Chirox was later present at the battle of the Shadow-leach hive. He and Vamprah held the Av-Matoran captive as Antroz tried to force a shadow leach onto Lewa's Kanohi. Unfortunately for Chirox Pohatu attacked him. The Hive was destroyed and the Makuta were forced to retreat. When Antroz was wounded in a later battle; the group was forced to retreat to the Swamp of Secrets to regroup with the Makuta Mistika. Chirox crash-landed near the Makuta Mistika, making them abandon their battle with the Toa Mistika to aid him.
Chirox did very little more in the Swamp of Secrets. He and Bitil attacked Takanuva some time after Antroz stole the Jetrax T6. The Toa of light had recently been struck by a Shadow leach and half controlled the element of Shadow. Takanuva went on a rampage and wounded Chirox. Chirox and Bitil later attacked the Axalara T9 as it escaped the Codrex.


Chirox later regrouped with the other Makuta as the Energy Storm begun. He was killed in this Energy Storm, along with six other of the Makuta.

Powers and Weapons

Being a Makuta, Chirox had natural control over the 42 Rahkshi powers to some extent. He wore a Kanohi Shelek, the great mask of Silence, and wielded two Shadow claws as well as a Tridax Pod.

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