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State(s) Metal
Location(s) Iconox

Exsidian was valuable a metal commonly used on Bara Magna. It was known to be strong enough to not rust or erode. It was used to galvinize metals and strengthen weapons.


Exsidian was found underground. This meant that villages would establish Exsidian Mines to extract the material from the ground. The Iron Tribe and Ice Tribe were known to be the two main suppliers of Exsidian due to their villages being located on top of Exsidian Sources. However, the village of the Iron Tribe was destroyed following The Shattering.
In recent times, the Fire Tribe and the Ice Tribe held a dispute over ownership of an amount of Exsidian. In order to settle their dispute the two tribes assigned Glatorian Ackar and Glatorian Gelu to fight an Arena Match. This resulted in Gelu losing and Metus having to set up a convoy to transport the supply of Exsidian. After bribing Strakk with a large amount of wealth, he was able to assemble Strakk, Glatorian Gresh, Kirbold, and Tarduk together on a convey and dispatched them to Vulcanus.