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150px-Set Fero
Biographical Information
TribeRock Tribe
GroupBone Hunters
ColorsBlack & Gray
ToolsBone Hunters
LocationBlade, Thornax Launcher
StatusSpherus Magna

You may be looking for the Fero and Skirmix Reviews.

Fero is part of the Bone Hunters. He travels on his rock steed Skirmix.



While Fero and Skirmix were out in the wasteland they meet the Agori, Berix. They attacked the Agori, but he was saved by three Glatorians, Gresh, Tarix and Strakk. After the three Glatorian had faced Fero and Skirmix for a while they retreated trampling Strakk.

Raid on Vulcanus

Fero was riding Skirmix in the desert. He had to loot a Caravan. He had been fighting Gelu beforehand and he saw that Gelu was protecting the Caravan. Gelu and the Caravan passed remnants of a battle. There were some needed items for Tajun in there. His Sand Stalker was uneasy because of the chosen route. Gelu calmed them. Gelu realized that Fero was following them. He told the Agori to take the Caravan to Tajun and he would hold off Fero. He and Fero had a small fight but Gelu managed to knock him off Skirmix. Fero grabbed his Thornax and Aimed it at Gelu and told him to throw his Thornax Launcher away. Gelu did as commanded. Fero threw his away his Thornax Launcher. They engaged in a sword fight in which Gelu won. He found a scroll with every detail of Vulcanus He rode on his Sand Stalker back to the Caravan.

Fero heard the two rookies riding near him. Although he did not know this. He knew they came from far away. He got a group of Bone Hunters to go after them and .

Abilities and Personality

As with all Bone Hunters, Fero has inner eyelids to protect his eyes from the suns.


Fero wielded a sword similar to Atakus's and carried a Thornax Launcher.


  • Fero was released in 2009 with his rock steed Skirmix and they had 148 Pieces. Fero consisted only of 18 of these pieces.
Bone Hunters(v)

Leader: Currently Unknown

Members: Fero

Servants: Skirmix