Species Information
GroupGlatorian, Different Tribes
HomelandSpherus Magna
Species StatusActive

Glatorian was the title given to a species on Bara Magna.


The species name for the Glatorian is currently unknown but members of it are commonly refered to as 'Glatorian' anyway.
The Glatorian were origionally created by the Great Beings to act as Soldiers in the Core War as foot soldiers. The majority of the Glatorian species was later trapped on Bara Magna in The Shattering, a Planet-wide diaster that followed the war.
The Glatorian found themselves living among the inhabitanting Agori and several members of the species; such as Tarix and Certavus, helped in the development of the Social System, which led to the formation of Tribes to stop them declaring war on each other.
The Tribes later decided to hold Arena matches every time two villages had a dispute over supplies. This involved one Glatorian, of both tribes, would battle in the arena. Whoever won would claim the supplies for their tribe. This meant that Tribes could both solves disputes without a war and could hold entertainment for the Tribes.


Known Glatorian


Employed Glatorian: Kiina  • Tarix  • Gresh  • Vorox  • Strakk  • Ackar  • Vastus  • Perditus  • Certavus (deceased)

Skrall: The Skrall  • Stronius  • Branar

Unemployed: Malum  • Gelu  • Telluris  • Surel