Set Strakk
Ice Tribe
SpeciesAgori and Glatorian
LocationSpherus Magna

The villagers of the Ice Tribe have grown a proficiency in mining, becuse of the majorly wanted nature of Exsidian. The villagers are also very good social wise, being very good at trading with other villagers, as well as advertising their matches in the arena. They are also very skilled Glatorian trainers. The Agori Metus is one of their best recruiters.

The Ice Tribe's Agori have recruited Strakk to be their main Glatorian following the death of Certavus.

Known Members




  • First known match
    Malum vs Strakk
    Iconox wins. Malum tries to kill Strakk after and was exiled from his tribe.
  • Second known match
    Gelu vs Ackar
    Vulcanus wins a shipment of Exsidian.
  • Third known match
    Strakk vs Tarix
    The match was abandoned as the Skrall invaded the Arena.
  • Fourth known match
    Strakk vs Ackar
    Ackar wins but Strakk attacks Ackar when the match is over, breaking the rules. Iconox banished Strakk to the wastelands after the war with the Skrall ended.
Ice Tribe(v)

Glatorian: Strakk  • Certavus (deceased)  • Gelu (Formerly)  • Surel (Formerly)

Agori: Metus  • Kirbold