"Only [Matoro's] body is over there. His spirit is floating in the air over here, and no, I don't know how it happened. Matoro thinks it has something to do with his mask."
Hahli, BIONICLE Legends 3: Power Play
Mask of Spirit
Power(s)Astral Projection
Notable Wearer(s)Matoro (fomerly)

The Kanohi Iden was the Mask of Spirit. It allowed its Wearer to seperate their Spiritual-Self from their Physical-Self. While the spirit was free, the wearer could perform Astral Projection - The ability to dismiss the body from the corporeal body. In such a state, the wearer's body would appear to be deceased while the spirit was unleashed. The user's Spiritual-Form could then inhabit other spiritless bodies or self-powered robots.
However, an Iden Wearer's Spiritual-Form could still be detected by an Arthron, Elda or Rode.
However, if the Kanohi were to be activated, and Astral Projection is achieved, the spirit would be unable to access any Elemental Powers as such powers require a unition of Mind and Body. In addition to this, the Wearer's Body would be left vulnerable as the Wearer would have no way to protect it. If an Iden Wearer's were to be killed while they were in their Spiritual-Form then their spirit would eventually fade away, as they have no body to return to.

Example Usage

Toa Matoro used his Iden to scout ahead of the Toa Inika and check for dangers on their journey to the Mask of Life in BIONICLE Legends 5: Inferno. On this journey, Matoro noticed that one pathway

Known Wearers



  • If an Iden-user goes into a corpse and a Tryna-user focuses their power on the body, the mask-wielders can work together to imitate the deceased being.
  • Multiple Iden-users can swap bodies by sending their spirits into each other's bodies. A Toa's powers are tied to their spirit, however, so if a Iden-using Toa goes into another body, the body will have the spirit's elemental powers.
  • Due to the fact that a spirit cannot survive very long without its body, if an Iden User's body were to be placed in stasis, their spirit would eventually fade away. This would also occur if the User's Spirit were to encounter Voporak's time field; the spirit would quickly fade away, as they can't survive very long without a body.

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