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Biographical Information
TribeIce Tribe
GroupIce Tribe
OccupationMaintaining Atero Arena
LocationSpherus Magna

Kirbold was an Agori of the Ice Tribe.


Early Life

Kirbold lived in the region of Spherus Magna ruled by the Elemental Lord of Ice prior to the Core War. During the war, Kirbold went to the desert region of the planet, and when The Shattering occurred he was trapped in the largest chunk of Spherus Magna, which was named Bara Magna.

Ice Tribe

Upon the creation of the Glatorian and Agori social system on Bara Maga, Kirbold joined the Ice Tribe and became became well known for his technique of keeping food fresh by putting it in jars and creating a vacuum with mud.

The Crossing

Kirbold later assisted Tarduk, Gresh and Strakk in transporting a shipment of Exsidian to Vulcanus after Gelu lost an Arena match to the Fire Tribe.


Kirbold then went to Atero to assist on some maintenence work to the city's arena. When Tarduk and Crotesius found a map featuring a Red Star Kirbold journeyed with them to explore the northern parts of Bara Magna. The group were later followed by a pack of Iron Wolves until they were lured into their hive.

Reformation of Spherus Magna

Kirbold took part in the assault at Roxtus along with the Agori and Glatorian from the other Tribes, and later helped to construct the United Village.

However, when Mata Nui returned from his journeys at the Black Spike Mountains, he told Raanu, the leader of the United Village, to evacuate all the Agori and Glatorian in the city. Kirbold and the others were evacauted, and saw Teridax's arrival at Bara Magna. Raanu lead the villagers to a cave under some mountains. During the battle, Teridax lifted the mountains, and threatned Mata Nui that he would drop it on the Agori. Mata Nui blasted both Teridax and the mountain with a blast of energy, which turned the mountain to dust.

After Teridax was killed by the impact of his head with Bota Magna, Mata Nui gave up all his power to revitalize the desert and transform it into forests. Kirbold now is living at the reformed Spherus Magna.

Kirbold win

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