Biographical Information
TribeFire Tribe
GroupFire Tribe
ColorsRed and Yellow
  • Sword
  • Shield
LocationSpherus Magna

Kyry was an Agori from the Fire Tribe.


Kyry lived at the region of Spherus Magna ruled by the Element Lord of Fire before the Core War. During the war, Kyry went to the desert region of the planet, and when The Shattering occurred he was trapped in the biggest chunk of Spherus Magna which was named Bara Magna.

Bara Magna

Upon the creation of the Glatorian/Agori social system on Bara Maga, Kyry joined the Fire Tribe.

Kyry was one of the five Agori who were told to clean Arena Magna for the great tournament. Once he finished his job he returned to the village of Vulcanus.

Kyry then returned to Atero to watch the Great Tournament, however, the Skrall attacked and Kyry was forced to flee for his life.

Kyry then arrived back in Vulcanus with the other remaining members of the Fire Tribe. Some time after, he was put on guard duty and heard a noise that sounded like the firing of a Thornax Launcher. Fearing the Bone Hunters were attacking, Kyry attempted to sound an alarm but he was knocked unconsious before he could do so.
He then came too during hte battle and witnessed the Raid of Vulcanus and was an eyewitness of the unity of the Glatorian uniting against the Bone Hunters. Inspired by the Glatorian's new found alliances, he travelled the desert to spread the news of the Glatorian's victory. At some point he met Metus in the desert and told him before moving along.

Kyry took part in the assault at Roxtus along with the Agori and Glatorian from the other Tribes, and after the Skrall's defeat he helped to construct the United Village.

AOSR Agori Kyry

Kyry in Comic Form.

However, when Mata Nui returned from his journeys at the Black Spike Mountains, he told Raanu, the leader of the United Village, to evacuate all the Agori and Glatorian in the city. Kyry and the others were evacauted, and saw Teridax's arrival at Bara Magna. Raanu lead the villagers to a cave under some mountains. During the battle, Teridax lifted the mountains, and threatned Mata Nui that he would drop it on the Agori. Mata Nui blasted both Teridax and the mountain with a blast of energy, which turned the mountain to dust.

After Teridax was killed by the impact of his head with Bota Magna, Mata Nui gave up all his power to revitalize the desert and transform it into forests. Kyry now is living at the reformed Spherus Magna, along with the other residents of Bara Magna and the former residents of the Matoran Universe.


  • Kyry's model was created by BS01 user Sparky. It was entered in The Sentry contest and won the final poll on BZPower, making it Kyry's canon appareance.


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