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"Look at them. They begin their lives as Kraata, nothing but the essence of a Makuta given solid form. But a bit of this... a bit of that... and they become ever-hungry stealers of light. Have you ever truly watched one feed? It is so repulsive as to be almost beautiful."
— Mutran to Vican, referring to the Shadow Leeches
Species Makuta
Group Brotherhood of Makuta
Kanohi Shelek
Colors Black, lime green, silver
Element Shadow
  • Makuta of cental Southern Continent
  • Rahi Creator
Location Universe Core
Status Deceased
Pronunciation Mu-tran

Makuta Mutran was a member of the Brotherhood of Makuta. He specialized in mutations and Rahi creation.


Early History

Like all other Makuta, Mutran was created when he emerged form the Makuta Pool on an island in the Southern island chain. He became a member of the Brotherhood of Makuta and created a significant number of Rahi.
At some point in his Rahi-Creator career, Mutran befriended a fellow Makuta Rahi-Enthusiast named Chirox.
Some time during Miserix's early control of the Brotherhood, the Vortixx raised their prices on Trade-Products. This caused problems elsewhere in the Matoran Universe as other inhabitants could not afford to purchase their weapons or Raw Materials. In order to stop this, Miserix personally dispatched Mutran, Pridak, and Makuta Icarax to 'negotiate' with the Vortixx. After Icarax knocked down most of a building, the Vortixx agreed to do as they asked. After the prices had been lowered, the two Makuta left Xia; having to drag and enraged Pridak with them. Once they had boarded their Boat and set off back to Destral, Mutran realized that he had left a piece of Sapient Rock on the island. As the Rock grew it became 'The Mountain'.
Some time into the Reign of the League of Six Kingdoms, Mutran accompanied Miserix to discuss an armistice with the Barraki Warlords.

Evolution of the Makuta

Mutran, Bitil and Chirox were sent to investigate the death of Makuta Kojol when the entire Makuta species evolved from muscle tissue into antidermis. Mutan was present when Chirox performed tests on the substance.


Mutran was chosen to take part in the group of Makuta who woulld attack Karda-Nui while the others struck at the Swamp of Secrets. He was not in fact blinded when Matoro used the Kanohi Ignika as he was hidden in his cave, reflecting his past. Mutran did not appear until Vamprah came to him for Shadow Leaches. When the Hive was under attack, Mutran stood with Antroz

Mutran later regrouped with the other Makuta as the Energy Storm begun. He was killed in this Energy Storm, along with five other of the Makuta.

Set Information

  • Mutran was released along with Vican in 2008.
  • Their set contained 90 pieces, of which 69 were used to build Mutran.
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