Plant Life
Morbuzakh attack on Ta-Metru
Matoran Prefix Unknown
Colors Green and Blue

Plant Life, also known as Jungle or The Green, was an Elemental Power that was used in the Matoran Universe and on Spherus Magna.

Example Usages

  • Creating plants.
  • Controlling plants.
  • Absorbing plants.
  • Unleashing a Nova Blast of Plant life. - Toa exlusive ability

Known Users

Matoran Universe



  • All Matoran of Plant life
  • Kyrehx - Formerly; Only while Cursed by the Ignika


  • Any Turaga of Plant life
Tesara TLR

Tesara, the former village of the Jungle Tribe


Bara Magna


  • All Matoran, Toa, and Turaga of Plant life would be Male.
  • "The Green" is another name for the element of Plant life but it is more commonly used to describe Toa of the Element.
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