"Their mounts, called Rock Steed, have several rows of sharp teeth and tails with poisonous stingers, like those of a scorpion. Their amazing sense of smell makes them able to smell the enemy form many kilometres. The hunters themselves are no more friendly - if they were, they couldn't have survived all those millenias among wastelands. They are ruthless, violent and greedy. If you could name any advantages of theirs, it should be their endurance - they would never stop a pirsuit - as well as precision. They keep attacking the caravans, leaving nothing valuable... and no witnesses."
Metus talking to Strakk about Bone Hunters in The Crossing
Rock Steed
Rock Steed CoMN
Species Rock Steed
Colors None
Abilities Claws, fangs
Species Status Widespread
Pronunciation None

Rock Steeds were a savage species of reptilian creatures that are ridden by the Bone Hunters on Bara Magna.


The Rock Steeds are a species native to the Bara Magna desert. During some time in Spherus Magna's history, the nomadic tribe of Bone Hunters discovered this species. They tamed some of the creatures, as the Rock Steeds could travel long distances taking little water and were fierce, making them suitable to attack and raid caravans. If a Bone Hunter wanted to tame a Rock Steed, he had to fight it in combat. If the Rock Steed is defeated in battle, it would become very loyal to its new tamer.

Bone Hunters often traded with the Skrall, selling them Rock Steeds.

Comic Skrimix

Skrimix, Fero's Rock Steed

Abilities and Personalities

It is known that Rock Steeds have very sharp jaws, stinging tails, and amazing endurance they are able to travel great distances with very little water. They have extremely acute hearing, vision, and a sharp sense of smell, which helps them to notice enemies far away. These creatures are very loyal to their owners.

Known Rock Steeds


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