Rock Tribe
SpeciesAgori and Skrall
LocationSpherus Magna

The Agori of the tribe who live in Roxtus act as help personnel for the Skrall, such as Thornax targets in the arena. The tribe also imprisons Agori on some occasions, and keep the Agori locked in cages.

The Skrall consist of the mass of the military, and will only accept orders from one of their ranking superior. They journey out to fight on behalf of their sole leader, Tuma, who also lives in Roxtus and rarely leaves the village. After the Battle of Roxtus, in which Tuma was defeated by Mata Nui and the Skrall legions beaten by the Agori and Glatorian, the members of the Rock Tribe fled, organizing in smaller groups led by high-rank Skrall.



Leader class

Elite Soldier Class

Normal Soldier class

  • Branar
  • A unit of Skrall who acompanied Branar on a Vorox hunt. They were all killed in a Barretta ambush
  • A Skrall who defeated Gresh in a recent arena match
  • A Skrall patrol leader who told Tuma of the Bone Hunter invasion of Tajun in Empire of the Skrall and later led an asault on Malum and his pack of Vorox
  • Eleven Skrall (Non including the Skrall above) who battled Malum's pack of Vorox. Six were ripped apart by the Vorox, another was impaled by one of their spears.
  • A Skrall from the Glatorian Arena game series.
  • An army of Skrall that invaded and conquered Atero.


  • Atakus
  • Several other Agori who fought in the Battle of Roxtus
Rock Tribe(v)

Leader: Tuma

Elite Warriors: Stronius

Warriors: The Skrall  • Branar

Agori: Atakus