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Species Sidorak's Species
Group Visorak, Brotherhood of Makuta
Kanohi None
Colors Red, Black
Element None
Occupation King of the Visorak horde
Tools Obedience Rhotuka, Summoning Blade, Claw
Location Metru Nui
Status Deceased
Pronunciation Sid-or-ak

Sidorak was a member of a very destructive and arrogant species. He joined the Brotherhood of Makuta and became the King of the Visorak.


Early Life

Like all other members of his species, Sidorak came into being on Spherus Magna, where he was placed in Stelt and was given a somewhat significant position in his species' social system.
However, rather than put any effort into improving his status, Sidorak instead took credit for the accomplishments of others and began to create the illusion that he had achieved so much though when he did put effoert into improving his status, he did it very well. However, his clan's leader, a member of his species named Voporak, soon discovered this and turned on Sidorak. Rather than let his leader have him killed, Sidorak instead turned him over to the island's local Makuta. This Makuta then mutated Voporak and sold him to the Dark Hunters.


Sidorak, King of the Visorak hordes

Dark Hunters

Some time after this, Sidorak decided to try his luck and enlist in the Dark Hunters himself. Seeing no future for himself on Stelt, Sidorak travelled to Odina and asked The Shadowed One for a place in the Organization. The Shadowed One accepted on the condition that he passed an entrance Arena Match against a Dark Hunter. Sidorak arrived at the match to find himself to be fighting a muscular Dark Hunter named "Gladiator", a member of a species native to Stelt too. Ironically, Gladiator's Species had been lower in the Stelt Class System. The Shadowed One presumably set them up together for the entertainment of the Dark Hunter crowd, particularly as Sidorak lost. However, he did hold his own against Gladiator for a while.As a result of the Match, Sidorak was not given a place in the Organization, and returned to Stelt for his failure.

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