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Strakk Reviews
Review Information
Set Number8982
Number of Reviews6
ColorsWhite and blues
  • Ice Axe
  • Thornax Blaster

Review 1

By User:Andrew1219


  • 1.Cool Launcher
  • 2. New Head Piece
  • 3. New Body Style
  • 4. Cool Shoulder Pieces


  • 1 Head too High

Review 2

BobTheDoctor27 SAVE THE BANANA! Its a good source of Potassium!


  • Thornax Launcher
  • Effective color scheme, symbolizes ice very well. White and blue implies peace and calmness and creates a cool look.
    Set Strakk

    Strakk as a Set

  • Effective torso: How do Lego come up with torsos that are so different?!?!? Who would actually think of building that before seeing the image? It is a good, imaginative design. Despite what others may say he does not seem skinny.


  • Legs: Too simple, overused pieces, Toa-Metru legs (*Shudder*) I hate those! They look so shabby!
  • Shoulders: WAY too big. Get in the way of the head are just plain annoying and ineffective. They're not even good for MOCing.
  • Smile: Too "Piraka-y". Strakk is meant to be a good guy and it creates contrast with his calm and relaxed appearence. Looks a bit like Thok come to think of it. HMM...
  • Axe: WAY TOO BIG! I measured it and it is roughly the same size as a 2004 matoran!!! (See Jollun's picture below)


Strakk is a good Bionicle. He has a strange and twisted appearance but really seems to have a sort of slightly evil personality. He looks better when you consider him to be evil!!!
6/10 Could have been better. He is worth buying but don't rush to buy him straight away.

Review 3

Vnolg calixJollunVnolg calix


  • Cool chest
  • Icy appearence
  • Cool mask!
  • Thornax blaster!


  • Shoulders are too big
  • Back seems uncovered
  • Life Counter
  • Massive Axe! Look at its size compared to Nuhrii!
    IMG 1314

Sum up

Now I think about what M1 said I do actually think Strakk looks too much like Thok! It's the creepy smile!
4/10 He's my least favorite Glatorian as a set!

Review 4

By Collector1


  • Massive Axe
  • Helmet and shoulders look like icles


  • Contoured pelvis
  • Upside down life center.


He's a good set! I would rate it a 9/10. So get him now!

Review 5

by --Ids5621 20:05, January 1, 2010 (UTC)


  • Awsome shoulder pieces
  • Awsome matching axe
  • Innovative build
  • Awsome helmet (Harkens back to the piraka)


  • Has the least pieces out of the the first wave of Glatorians


  • He my fav glatorian so go out and get 'im!! 9.5/10

Review 6

By: -WaterLord 21:40, January 13, 2011 (UTC)


  • Sweet new armor that looks like ice
  • Awesome helmet
  • Amazing axe
  • Overall good color scheme


  • Back is arched


Without doubt the best 2009 BIONICLE and one of the best BIONICLEs in a long time. 10/10

Review 7

By Gravityhurts


  • Looks cool
  • Color scheme of light blue on white on dark blue looks amazing
  • Axe looks awesome
  • Hunchback design and underbite make him look rough and kind of thuggish
  • Thornax launcher works well
  • Good poseability
  • Not a clone
  • Fun to build
  • Swag


  • Life counter is upside-down
  • Toa Metru chestplate is silver, wich takes away from the color scheme
  • Shoulder armor sometimes gets in the way
  • Neck is too long
  • Not very good for MOCing if you didn't get any other 2009 sets


Although there are some minor issues, overall, Strakk is a good set. Oh, and about the MOCing thing. The reason that I don't have any other sets from 2009 is mainly because that time period was right after the market crashed, so my family and I basically just did not have the money for them. I mean, those Bionicle sets got really expensive towards the end. Wow. I just realized that Strakk was my last Bionicle set ever. I don't know how that took me a full two and a half years to realize it, but wow. I am getting really sentimental right now. Anyway, Strakk gets a 7.5/10

Review 8

By I know who I am! I'm a dude called Matoro58 (talk) 20:22, January 18, 2014 (UTC)


  • Looks like a troll covered in ice
  • Nice shoulders
  • Axe is one of the best features
  • An original


  • Color scheme switches from light blue to dark blue to white
  • Hunchback
  • Long neck
  • Shoulders are too wide


A neat BIONICLE set. Doesn't really live up t his name, but still worth collecting if you want to have fun. - 6/10