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"In over 100,000 years, the Order has revealed its existence to very few, and then only in a time of great need. This is such a time--and we have need of a unique Toa, one who walks the world of both light and shadow."
— Helryx in BIONICLE Legends 10: Swamp of Secrets

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150px-Movie Takua
Species Matoran
Group None
Kanohi Pakari
Colors Blue, Red
Element Light
Occupation Chronicler
Tools None
Location Mata Nui
Status Alive
Pronunciation Tah-koo-ahh

Takanuva, or Takua, was the only known Toa of Light.


Early Life

Like most Toa of Light, Takanuva came into being on Spherus Magna, where he began his life as an Av-Matoran - particularly the first Matoran to be created. He would later be placed within the Matoran Universe in the Universe Core with the other Av-Matoran.
Takua lived with the other Matoran of Light in relative peace for 40,000 years - under the protection of the Toa Mata - until the Time Slip occurred. In this time he developed a friendship with another Av-Matoran named Solek.

Time Slip

Approximately 60,000 years ago, when the Time Slip occurred, Takua was one of the Av-Matoran who was seperated from the majority of the group. He was sent to Metru-Nui under the disguise of a Ta-Matoran. As the energy storms began in Karda-Nui to mark the Time Slip, Takua conversed with Toa Gali and complimented her on her detication and skills. He then left Karda-Nui for the City of Legnends.

Metru Nui

Upon arriving in Metru-Nui, Takua found work in Ta-Metru as a Toolmaker. He was also known to run a small business named Takua's Trade Goods, a shop which presenting souvenirs from the other cities which he had visited on his travels. However, as Takua often conducted these "travels" in the working day he became noticed by the local Vahki. Such was the extent of Takua's habit, a joke in Ta-Metru was that a Nuurakh squad was assigned just to constantly keep watch on Takua.
At a later date, Takua's original Kanohi became damaged and he was forced to change it for a powerless Kanohi Pakari. However, the Pakari did not fit him and, strangely, turned blue when he wore it.

Along with all of the Matoran of Metru Nui, Takua was put to sleep in a Matoran pod by Makuta Teridax and later rescued and brought to the island of Mata Nui by the Toa Metru.

Mata Nui

Takua lived in the village of Ta-Koro with all of the other Ta-Matoran. He never stayed and did work as he was always eager for adventure.

One day walked into Jungle, unfortunately he walked into a Nui-Jaga. He escape the creature by taking it into a Muaka's cave.


Takua before being rebuilt

Quest for the Toa Stones

Because Takua refused to work he was banished from his home village of Ta-Koro. He woke up on a beach and was approached by Jaller. He said they Turaga Whenua had very important job, so they traveled to Onu-Koro. He then learnt that Whenua had been kidnaped by Rahi. Takua saved the Turaga. Whenua told him that he Rahi were attack more ofthen and to go to the other villages. He traveled to each village and saved the Turaga and collected the six Toa Stones. He was then sent to Kini-Nui. He used the stones but was caught in a massive blast that sent him flying into the air. He landed on the Ta-Koro beach and was knocked unconscious.

The Quest for the Chronicler

The blast that Takua was caught gave him amnesia. He followed Tahu's footsteps throughout the Chared Forest and found Ta-Koro. Once he arrived Vakama told him the Legend of the Toa. He learnt that Tahu had been mistaken for a Rahi and had tried to attack the Toa. Vakama told him that he was not yet welcome in the village. When Takua was at Ta-Koro he met Jaller. Takua returned to the beach where he found Macku, a Ga-Matoran. He was told that Ga-Koro had been attacked by a group of Rahi and hat she was the only one who had escaped. Takua then borrowed Macku's boat and set on course for Ga-Koro.

Takua arrived at Ga-Koro to see that one of the Huts had sunk; he also learned that Turaga Nokama and the citizens of Ga-Koro were trapped inside. He went under the water and got the missing gear. This allowed the pump to work and the hut to return to the surface. Then a Tarakava attacked the Ga-Matoran as they escaped the hut, but Gali, Toa of Water, protected them, defeated the Rahi and removed the Infected Kanohi that was on it. Macku then told Takua about Po-Koro, and Hewkii who was a Kohlii champion.

When Takua arrived at Po-Koro he discovered that many Matoran and Hewkii had been victims of an epidemic. He started investigating the Comet balls which were being sold in the market. He found a stone key and had an Elemental symbol engraved on it. Takua then travelled to the Po-Wahi Quarry. He found the door which could be opened by the key he found. Inside he discovered where the Comet balls were from and that inside them were Infected Kanohi Masks. But they were being guarded by Nui-Jaga. He guided a temporarily blinded Pohatu to the cave and made him knock down the pillars destroying the Nui-Jaja and Comet Balls. After he was rescued he was bought to Turaga Onewa who bestowed a small stone chisel to him which he was to show to Turaga Nokama. When Nokama saw the Chisel she appointed him Chronicler and gave him the Book of Chronicles. With this device he could record the events to come.

Takua started his first journey as a chronicler at Onu-Koro. A lava flow that stopped the Onu-Matoran from getting to the Lightstone mine. This also stopped their current project of making a tunnel connecting to Le-Wahi. Once he got his old Lavaboard from Ta-Koro he crossed the Lava flow and got to the Lava pump. He managed to fix it which allowed the Onu-Matoran to get the Lightstones. Takua continued his discoveries in Onu-Koro and learned about a strange layer that was discovered deep inside the Great Mine. He travelled down there and found a massive sundial. When the tunnel to Le-Koro was complete he chose to travel with Taipu to visit the village. But while the duo were travelling Taipu was carried off by a wild Nui-Rama.


Takua entering the Mangaia.

Takua arrived at Le-Koro to learn at many Le-Matoran had been kidnapped by the Nui-Rama. Ad that their Toa, Lewa of Air, had also gone missing. Kongu and Matau continued talking but stopped when another swarm of Nui-Jaga invaded. Takua agreed to be second for Kongu whom was flying a Kahu. Takua quickly master the arts of Disk throwing and was able to protect the Kahu from the Nui-Jaga. But when they arrived at the Nui-Jaga hive they were knocked out of the and to the ground. Deep within the hive Takua fond out that Lewa had been temporarily changeed by Makuta through an Infected Mask. Onua arrived and started to fight the infected Toa. He won and removed the Infected Kanohi Mask. When Takua returned to Le-Koro he joined in the celebrations for a while but moved on.

Takua traveled to Ko-Koro, the final village he would visit at this time. While there he saved Toa Kopaka whom was almost frozen. Takua had used a Heatstone for this. He discover that Matoro, a Ko-Matoran had wandered out into a blizzard. Takua decided to follow the Matoran. While traveling he had a vision about the Bohrok swarm. He started to freeze but Matoro saved him.

Once Takua had recovered from the Blizzard, Matoro and Takua were attacked by a Muaka, luckily Kopaka came and defeated the Muaka saving their lives. The duo returned to Ko-Koro where Nuju approached them and requested for Matoro to translate a message. Nuju asked Matoro to take a guard from each village to guard Kini-Nui while the Toa Mata fought Makuta Teridax. So Takua gathered Taipu, Macku, Tamaru, Hafu, Kapura and Kopeke. He had met all of these Matoran on his journeys.

The seven Matoran arrived at Kini-Nui. Takua saw the Six Toa Mata fuse with the Makoki Stones. They began to get ready to enter Makuta's lair. Before Gali entered she talked with Takua and created a mental link with the Matoran so he saw what she saw. The other Matoran stopped the Rahi from breaching the area and Takua watched the Toa become Toa Kaita. The Rahi began to overwhelm the Matoran but before they were defeated help from the villages arrived. Just before the visions ended he saw Gali entering the Mangaia. Onepu approached Takua and told him that strange things were happening to his village or Onu-Koro. Takua quickly headed to the village. He returned to the Sundial he had found earlier but discovered that it had become an elevator. He began his descent. At the bottom he witnessed the Toa defeat Makuta Teridax. When the Toa left he accidently stayed and saw the Bohrok arriving. He discovered that the Chisel that had been given to him by Turaga Onewa had let him create and energy bubble that bought him back to the beach of Ta-Wah. Vakama was there and told him that because of what he had done he was welcome back to the village of Ta-Koro once more.

Bohrok Invasion

Tahnok using fire

The arrival of the Bohrok.

Takua, continuing his work as chronicler, had many adventures against the Bohrok. He helped save the entire population of Le-Koro from the Krana. Once that was complete he traveled to the Village of Water, Ga-Koro, with Jaller. Soon after their arrival it was attacked by the Pahrak. They had a plan, using Nuparu's Boxers they made the defenses of the city stronger, but they weren't very successful. But after the Pahrak were finally drove off they stated a surprise attack on the Matoran of Ga-Koro. Takua and Jaller were cut off from the other Matoran. The Pahrak destroyed the lilly pads which meant the Matoran couldn't get over. Takua invented a catapult. It launched Takua between the Matoran and Bohrok. Luckily at this time the Toa Nuva imprisoned the Bahrag by combining their powers. This stopped the Bohrok everywhere on Mata Nui.

Once the Bohrok swarms were defeated, Jaller and Takua hepled to collect the Krana and put them in the pits of Ga-Wahi. They then returned to Ta-Koro and saw Tahu Nuva's Nuva Symbol being stolen. The struggle against the Bohrok-Kal had begun. Takua and Jaller traveled with the Toa Nuva for a short time as they tried to defeat the Bohrok Kal. Once the Bogrok Kal were downed the Turaga held a Naming Day Ceremony for those Matoran who aided in the downfall of the Bohrok. Jaller, Macku and Hewkii's names changed but Takua didn't wish to. The Turaga created the Wall of History and it was Takua's honor to write on the wall. He was upest that for all he did the "honor" he got was to write on a wall. He started his own Naming Day Ceremony and he renamed his pet Ussal from Puku to Pewku

The Turaga also announced the Kolhii Tournament where Takua was asked to play as 'Forward'.

Takua Transforming

Takua donning the Mask of Light

Search for the Seventh Toa

Just before the Kolhii Championship, Takua decided to wander around Ta-Koro. He choose to go to an underground cave. While there he stumbled upon the hiding place of the Kanohi Avohkii, the great mask of Light, which had been placed there as a hiding place. He was nearly killed by a trap left by the Toa Metru to stop Teridax getting the Mask but was saved by Tahu.
Jaller later accompanied Takua back to the Kohlii Tournament, where two Matoran ended up being late for the final. At some point during the match, Takua tried out a new move but failed, nearly striking the Turaga in their box. The Ga-Mtaoran ended up winning the match. Tahu was angered by this. While bowing the Avohkii fell out of Jaller's bag. It shone on Takua to show he was meant to be the Seventh Toa but he tilted it away to make it shine on Jaller. Turaga Vakama was sure that Jaller was to be the Seventh Toa so he sent Jaller and Takua on a mission to find the Seventh Toa.
Takua and Jaller soon left to find the Seventh Toa. Soon after their departure they were being chased by Terida's Rahkshi. While the Matoran were traveling with Kopaka they were attacked. Takua too the Mask and climbed on his lavaboard to escape. The Rahkshi left Jaller and went after Takua, but were defeated when Kopaka used his elemental powers over Ice to freeze them. A short while after Takua and Jaller were separated when Takua was playing with Lightstones. Teridax encountered him in the shadows and told him that if he leaves Jaller he will live. So Takua leaves Jaller with the Mask and traveled to Onu-Koro where Toa Onua and Pohatu were. There they had a fight with three new Rahkshi. The village was destroyed then. Takua and Perku went after Jaller and rejoined him. They reached Kini-Nui but the Six Rahkshi arrived. They were saved when the Toa Nuva appeared. Some of the Rahkhsi were defeated but Turahk killed Jaller using it's power over fear. While he was dieing he told Takua that he is the Seventh Toa. Takua then put on the Mask of Light becoming Takanuva, the Legendary Toa of Light.

Movie takanuva
Species Toa
Group Honorary Toa Nuva
Kanohi Avohkii
Colors White, Gold
Element Light
Occupation None
Tools Staff of Light
Location Mata Nui
Status Alive
Pronunciation Tahka-Noova


Shortly after his transformation from Takua to Takanuva he destroyed the other Rahkshi. The Toa Nuva aided in the building of Takanuva's vehicle, Ussanui. The plans for it were already stored inside his mind from the Avohkii. It would be created from Rahkshi and various Bohrok and be powered by Kraata. Takanuva used a Kraata to find Teridax as it would return to him. Takanuva destroyed his vehicle in order to break through the door to Teridax's lair. Hahli came out of the Ussanui and said that she would chronicle now that Takua was a Toa. Takanuva sent her to Kini-Nui to get the Matoran.

The battle between Teridax and Takanuva started. Teridax offered to play a game of Kohlii. They used their powers until the Matoran, Toa Nuva and Turaga arrived. Teridax then sealed them in by shutting the gate. Takanuva won the game but slamming a light powered Kohlii ball into Teridax while he was boasting. He rose once more to say he was protecting his brother and had a duty to the Mask of Shadows. Takanuva then tried to pull of his mask but failed resulting in the two falling into a pool of Eergized Protodermis. When a being rose it was not Takanuva or Makuta. It was both in one form. Takutanuva!!!


Takutanuva made his way to the gate shaped like Tahu's old Kanohi Hau. It opened to Metru Nui, which me wished the Matoran to their old home. While holding up the gate Hahli ran past with Jaller's Mask but Takutanuva stopped him. He used some of Terida's life powers to bring Jaller back to life. After using his powers Takutanuva was exhausted, the gate fell crushing Takutanuva, the two were separated and Takanuva was killed with his mask sliding to the side with the Matoran. The Turaga somehow bought him back to life.

Voya Nui

Once they arrived back to Mata Nui the Turaga started telling the stories of their past while boats were being made to travel to Metru Nui. They arrived at Metru Nui and everyone started to rebuild the city. Takanuva also helped defend the city from enemies. The Turaga told him that Mata Nui was dieing. It was the Toa Nuva's mission to travel to Voya Nui and find the Kanohi Ignika, the legendary Mask of Life. He wished to go with them but was told by Turaga Dume that it was his destiny to remain there and protect the Matoran. He was also told that no one could no what was happening with Mata Nui and where the Toa Nuva where

Soon after Takanuva was approached by Jaller. He had discovered that Mata Nui was dieing. Jaller managed to convince Takanuva to aid him and five Matoran he had gathered to go to Voya Nui, they started their journey, they traveled through a Underwater Chute and made it to a Cave where Takanuva's light powers failed. He made his way to an Archway but couldn't get through. No light could get through specially not a Toa of Light and he was forced to return to Metru Nui.

While strolling the city he saw Makuta Icarax dive into the Silver Sea. Icarax came out with the Kraahkan, the Mask of Shadow and Teridax's Mask. Before Takanuva got to the Makuat he was gone with the mask.

While protecting the city a few Frostelus tried to attack the city, luckily Takanuva managed to defeat them and send some away.

The Toa Mahri returned to Metru Nui after their travels to Voya Nui and Marhi Nui. But unfortunately Toa Matoro did not return as he had sacrificed himself to save Mata Nui from death. Takanuva and all of the other Matoran celebrated the life of a hero. After the celebration the Toa Mahri joined Takanuva protecting Metru Nui.

Takanuva 2008
Species Toa
Group Honorary Toa Nuva
Kanohi Avohkii
Colors Black, Silver, and Gray
Element Light, Shadow
Occupation Tell the Toa Nuva information.
Tools Power Lance, Midak Skyblaster
Location Karda Nui
Status Alive
Pronunciation Tahka-Noova

Shadow Leech Attack

When Takanuva was walking around Metru Nui, Takanuva felt dark presence trying to get into his mind. He managed to find out who it was, A Dark Hunter named Dweller was hiding in the Archives. While he was going to the Archives to find him Makuta Icarax dropped a Shadow Leech. It hit him and started to suck the light out of him. Takanuva was a Toa of Light so it was extremely painful. Takanuva managed to shoot a small beam of light at the Shadow Leech destroying it. When he woke up he found himself lying in a Dead Rahi Specimen Examination room somewhere deep in the Archives. He realized that part of the light had been drained from him replacing it with shadow so he now had control over both elements.

While in that room he discovered that he was not alone. The others in the room were: Toa Helryx and Toa Krakua both members of the Order of Mata Nui. Helryx told Takanuva of the Orders existence and was told that they needed his help to help the Toa Nuva who were struggling in the Universes Core. Toa Krakua put a special Kratana on his mask. Vision appeared in his mind of the past of the Toa Mata that even they did not know.

Once the visions had ended Helryx told Takanuva that if they succeeded in re-awakening Mata Nui, Energy Storms would rage through Karda Nui and destroy everything. Originally it happened when Mata Nui took the control over the universe from Tren Krom. Everything would be destroyed except for the Codrex. Takanuva was told that he had to travel to Karda Nui and tell the Toa Nuva what would happen if they awaken the Great Spirit and to hide in the Codrex. Takanuva agreed to help his teammates and friends. He was anxious that no one would aid the Toa Mahri in their struggles in protecting the city when he was gone. It was then that Helryx introduced Brutaka, whom had beaten and captured Dweller. Takanuva was shocked, he had learnt from the Toa Mahri of Brutaka betraying his friends. Krakua broke things up by telling Takanuva that the Kanohi Olmak, Brutaka's Mask, would be his only way to reach the Toa Nuva in time. It was time for Takanuva to leave, he shook hands with Helryx and Krakua gave him the Great Sundial, though it had been shrunk o Takanuva could use it. Brutaka, using his mask, then sent Takanuva to Karda Nui even though it was damaged and not working as it was meant to.

Dimension Travels

City of Silver

Because Brutaka's mask was damaged it sent him to a different dimension. When he arrived he found himself standing in a forest that was full of black trees and beneath his feet was dying grass. He met a Spectral Mask which was floating. It told him that a village was in terrible trouble and needed help, Takanuva quickly ran to find this village and save it.

Takanuva arrived at the village to find that the village was full of massive silver towers. When he got inside the city he met a race of Purple and Black beings. These people were currently in combat wit with much larger creatures. Takanuva instantly believed that these were the center of the danger. He attack it which forced it to flee. But the small beings did not than him for what he just did, instead thy started laughing and locked him out of the village.

Takanuva confused then went to find the Spectral Mask once more. It told him that he had made a mistake. It said that he ran of before he could tell Takanuva of what happened. He also learned that the larger beings were actually kind and gentle, the one he had chased out was the last of it's kind still in the city as it had been taken over by the smaller beings. Takanuva decided to put things right and he searched for the beasts to try and convince them that he was on their side. After he succeeded he made a plan. Takanuva used his powers to make fireworks to distract the smaller beings and lure them out of the village, It worked and the larger beasts returned to their home.

Once he was done he returned to the Spectral Mask. It was happy with what Takanuva had done and said he had new wisdom that not to judge good and evil one what people look like but what they do. It opened a new dimensional gate. Takanuva went through the gate, thinking it would lead to Karda Nui but instead he ended up in another alternate dimension.

The Kingdom


Takanuva traveling through the Dimensions.

After leaving the City of Silver with the aid of the Spectral Mask he jumped into another dimension. After appearing he noticed a Matoran who was familiar, Macku. Takanuva presented himself and Macku did not believe him because the Takanuva they knew was a Turaga not a Toa. She took Takanuva to see Axonn who said he believed he was Takanuva. Macku asked if he was crazy but Axonn did not believe so. He took Takanuva's Staff of Light as Turaga Takanuva disliked citizens walking with weapons. Takanuva decided to find Jaller and learn what was going on. It turned out that they were on Metru Nui but it was not called that. Jaller took Takanuva to the Wall of History where he learned that Matoro had failed to use the Mask of Life and Mata Nui died, but that was 10,000 years ago. He also learned that the Turaga of Metru Nui expected Matoro to fail and gather some of the Universes species and took them to Metru Nui. But it was then that the Makuta tried to migrate as well so the Order of Mata Nui and Takanuva fought against them. The alternate Takanuva made barriers of Light keeping the Makuta out. Then as his destiny was complete he used his remaining powers to make six new Toa, Balta, Dalu, Kapura, Velika, Defilak and Tanma. He then became a Turaga and became the leader of the Kingdom of the Great Spirit. He was in charge of the Kingdom with the aid of the council. It consisted of: Turaga Dume, Nektann, Roodaka, The Shadowed One, Helryx and a Nynrah Ghost.

Toa Takanuva decided to find Turaga Takanuva to find out what was happening. He traveled to the Coliseum but decided to send a message to Helryx, asking what in her plan was he meant to do at Karda Nui. Soon after he was escorted to Turaga Takanuva's personal chambers. The Turaga figured out that Toa Takanuva who was standing before him was his former self. He asked Toa Takanuva if he could find a way to fix the light barriers he had created so long ago. This was the only way to continue to keep Rahkshi and Makuta out of the Kingdom. If he succeeded they would send him back to his own universe.

Turaga Takanuva took Toa Takanuva and Toa Tanma to meet a Fe-Matoran Nynrah Ghost that would arm Toa Takanuva. He received a Power Lance and a Midak Skyblaster. Turaga Takanuva returned to Metru Nui while Toa Tanma and Takanuva headed to the nearest light barrier. Takanuva insisted that they go and visited Matoro beforehand. Takanuva convinced Matoro to come with him telling him that this would make him a hero once more.

The three Toa went to a old Bohrok tunnel underneath Po-Wahi where a light barrier had been installed. They discovered that nothing was wrong with it so Takanuva and Tanma decided to leave. However, they both heard noises behind them and quickly discovered that Matoro was fighting four Rahkshi alone. More Rahkshi were coming through and had Shadow armor on that allowed them to pass the barrier. After the three Toa had defeated the Rahkshi Teridax came through the barrier. It turned out that Teridax had forced Icarax out of his armor and absorbed all of the other Makuta. This turned him into a horrible sight of many Makuta all in one. Takanuva knocked Teridax's mask of and Tanma used his powers to destroy it. But Tanma was disintegrated by Teridax, who then made a Shadow hand to absorb Matoro. Takanuva tried to stop him from doing this but Matoro woould not let him. Teridax then threatened to kill Takanuva but began to feel strange as his will was pushed aside by Matoro's superior will power. The two struggled for the one body until it collapsed and they were both killed.

Takanuva then returned to the surface and told the council about the fight that had just been staged underground. He remained in Metru Nui to see a statue of Matoro being made in his honor. The Brutaka from that universe then used his Olmak to send Takanuva on to Karda Nui.

Toa Empire Alternate Universe
Species Toa
Group Honorary Toa Nuva
Kanohi Avohkii
Colors White, Silver, and Gray (disguised)
Element Light
Occupation Trying to find the Golden Armor
Tools Staffs
Location Spherus Magna
Status Alive
Pronunciation Tahka-Noova

Journey's End

Takanuva made it out of the Matoran Universe just after a squad of Rahkshi of Heat Vision. He got out but was struck by a blast of Air created by a Glatorian named Gresh. This attack angered Takanuva who attacked Gresh.
During the battle, the two realised they were both fighting for the same cause and formed an alliance. Takanuva then accompanied Tahu as he witnessed the scattering of the Golden Armor. Takanuva then went off to search for any pieces he could retrieve from the enemy. He was ambushed by two Rahkshi of Heat vision and was brought to the ground. He then created a hologram of himself, which jumped directly between the two Rahkshi and caused them both to attack each other in an attempt to strike the hologram. Takanuva used this distraction to retrieve a piece of the Golden Armor and returned it to Tahu. Affter Teridax's Death, he started a new life on Spherus Magna.


"All beings make mistakes, at some time. But part of a hero is admitting you were wrong and fixing them."
— Spectral Mask, Journey of Takanuva


  • Takanuva was the only Toa of Light ever to exist in the canon Bionicle Storyline.
  • Makuta Tridax travelled to a number of Alternate Universes and stole the Takanuvas of each one to build an army of Shadow Takanuvas.


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