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Review 1

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BobTheDoctor27 SAVE THE BANANA! Its a good source of Potassium!


  • New helmet: Simple, effective, careless expression, sort of implies wisdom.
  • Recolored electro blades: nice recoloring really!
  • New green limbs: are different, they look good, are very affective, keep in the color sceme and create good contrast with Tarduk's lime green torso.


  • New helmet: The face-part of the helmet is small in comparison to the helmet itself. The three spikes at back are too long, too thin... too breakable as I nearly found out!
  • Claws: His claws suggest he has been mutated or tampered with.
  • Positioning of electro blades: Is quite lame, it looks a bit like Lego stuck them on at the last minuite. Also, they stick out oddly and can become incredibly annoying!
  • No hands: If Lego were trying to make him stand out then I must say, it isn't working!

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In summary, I find that Tarduk is overated. When I read about him in Riddle of the Great Beings or Journey's End, he is dipicted as some great and couragous explorer. The story doesn't even mention him being on all fours. He looks like an overgrown monkey as a set!
5/10 By Agori standards... that's average. He's probably my least favourite Agori and most of his pieces have either been released again recently or can easily be replaced.

Review 2

By Mata Nui (TBW Bureaucrat)


  • Looks different from most other Agori.
  • Good color scheme.
  • Several recolored pieces.




Tarduk is nothing special. A good set, but nothing special. 5/10