Function(s) Food, Amunition
Location(s) Bara Magna
Status Common
Pronunciation Thohr-nacks

Thornax is a variety of fruit that only grows on Bara Magna. They are also very rare. When they are unripe, the Thornax can be softened by boiling, and is made into a stew as some food by the Bone Hunters. When they are ripe, the Thornax have very hard, fully developed spines. This form is usually used as ammunition for the Thornax Launcher carried by a Glatorian, Bone Hunters, and some other powerful beings. When the Thornax are allowed to become over-ripe, they will become very explosive. Some over-ripe Thornax may be used in the various arenas, but their use is still frowned upon. They are usually used in the Arena Magna. You can use the nectar inside of the Thornax as Ink.


A Thornax being shot.

As A Food

They can be made into a soup by using the nectar and mixing it with various spices, such as rock salt.