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Toa Onua Mata Reviews
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Set Number8532
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AvailabilityNo longer available in stores

This review is about the original Toa Onua set that came out in 2001.

About the Set

By:Atukamakirk 2.9

This set was one of the original BIONICLE sets to be released. Half the fun is building this set. Onua has the standard Toa Mata build with a few tweaks. One tweak is that his head is lowered to the plus rod hole in the chest that gives him a strong, hunch-back look that fits him perfectly as a strong Toa of Earth. Like the other Toa mata, he has gears close to his shoulders and his back to make his arms move by twisting the gear on his back. His arms lack posability because you can only move his arms by the limb connectors at his shoulders. He features two claws that are widely used by BIONICLE sets still today. Onua's legs also lack posability because there are only two points of articulation in each of his legs. It stops Onua from moving his legs forward and backwards too much which makes it nearly impossible to pose him in a running pose. His mask is just awesome with a black shine to it. The mask is in the shape of a diamond and line-shaped holes in it. Onua's mask is harder to stay on than the newer sets today because he has a round rod sticking out slightly unlike the newer masks which have a cross insert. Despite some of the criticism, I think this is simply a must-have BIONICLE set to any collection. It looks great in almost every way.


  • The black parts have a good shine
  • Unique mask
  • Classic set
  • Hunch-back
  • Gear function on the arms


  • Hard to pose
  • Mask can come off a lot
  • Similar design to its fellow Toa Mata sets
  • Not a large amount of great pieces
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