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Species Makuta
Group Brotherhoood of Makuta
Kanohi Avsa
Colors Black and Blue
Element Shadow
Location Universe Core
Status Deceased
Pronunciation Vam-pra

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Makuta Vamprah was a Brotherhood of Makuta member.


Early History

Like all other Makuta, Vamprah was created when he emerged form the Makuta Pool on an island in the Southern island chain. He became a member of the Brotherhood of Makuta and created a number of Rahi.
Following the Matoran Civil War occuring in Metru Nui, members of the Brotherhood were each given an island to watch over and prevent any form of uprising from reoccuring. Vamprah was assigned the island of Odina.


Vamprah was chosen to be in the group of Makuta who would attack Karda-Nui while the others struck at the Swamp of Secrets. He was blinded when Matoro used the Kanohi Ignika and had to use a Shadow Matoran named Gavla to act as his "eyes". He and his fellow Makuta, Antroz and Chirox, were attacking the last Av-Matoran village when the Toa Nuva arrived in the Core and they were forced to flee after the Toa discovered their Midak Skyblasters.
Vamprah was later present at the battle of the Shadow-leach hive. He was guarding Solek, Tanma and Photok, with Chiriox, when
Vamprah Comic

Vamprah in the comics

Pohatu attacked them by using his Kanohi Kakama Nuva. The Hive was destroyed and the Makuta were forced to retreat. Another battle then took place where Atrox was wounded, forcing the Makuta to retreat to the Swamp of Secrets to regroup wth the Makuta Mistika.
In the swamp, Vamprah attacked Tahu by dropping Tridax Pods on him. He missed and was temoprarily defeated. He later regrouped with the other Makuta as the Energy Storm begun. He was killed in this Storm, along with five other of the Makuta.


Vamprah would appear sly as he refuses to talk, indicating his enchanced hunting skills, self disipline and silence.


  • Vamprah was completely able to speak but he never did as he thought of it as pointless noise that was not needed while hunting.

Set information

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  • Vamprah had 49 pieces as a canister set.
  • Vamprah's set number was 8692.
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