250px-CGI Zesk
Species Information
GroupAgori, Sand Tribe
ColorsTan, Black
HomelandBara Magna
ToolsClaws and Tail
Species StatusActive

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The Zesk are a subspecies of Agori living on Bara Magna. The Zesk are also a part of the Sand Tribe.


After the disaster on Bara Magna the members of the Sand Tribe became more beast-like. They were forced by Agori to fight in the Arenas.

When an Agori went on a mission to save the village of Fire from being attacked by the Bone Hunters the Agori was sent to a Zesk by the Glatorian, Malum. The Agori then gave the Zesk some Thornax Stew so he would not get eaten. When the Zesk was saticfied he spat out something that identified him as an ally of the Sand Tribe.


  • The set Zesk contains 16 Pieces.
  • It was confirmed, by Greg Farshtey, that the Zesk do not in fact have four eyes. This is because of the shape of their hemlets.
Lein (Deceased)
Sand Tribe(v)

Glatorian: Vorox Kabrua

Agori: Zesk

Allies: Malum